Tirana has grown into Albania’s largest municipality in terms of geographical coverage, population size and economic activity. The population has more than tripled and the municipal boundaries and sphere of services has been extended to an area at least 25 folds the size of the Tirana municipality in 2013. The vision of the municipality is to transform Tirana from a city struggling to provide its citizen with basic services to a city that is desirable and accessible to residents and visitors. The main priority areas span widely from better urban planning and infrastructural developments to improved delivery of public services. It seeks to find smart solutions that reduce costs, minimize use of resources, and actively engage all stakeholders. Digital and information and communication technologies in particular can provide such smart solutions as well as allow for real-time responses to challenges.

To achieve its vision, the Municipality of Tirana intends to foster strong partnerships between the local government, the private sector, domestic and foreign investors, donors, knowledgeable institutions, and more importantly the residents. On January 20, 2016, the  Municipality of Tirana, in collaboration with UNDP, will host Tirana Smart City Conference 2016-2026, an event that reaches out to the private sector, investors, and donors that can find common interests in this vision.



The Tirana Smart City Conference 2016 – 2026 is organized by the Municipality of Tirana with the support of the United Nations Development Programme.