Mr. Brian J. Willams

Mr. Brian J. Willams is the UN Resident Coordinator and UNDP Resident Representative in Albania. Since 1990, Mr. Williams has been involved in humanitarian assistance, governance, rule of law and post-conflict recovery in several post-conflict countries.






Ms. Romana VlahutinMs. Romana Vlahutin, Ambassador of European Union Delegation in Albania. Former Political Director of the OSCE Mission to Kosovo 2006-2007 and former Head of the Political Department and Deputy Ambassador in the Croatian Embassy to Belgrade (2004-2010).






Ellen GoldsteinEllen Goldstein is the World Bank’s Country Director for the Western Balkans. Prior to this position, Mrs. Goldstein, was World Bank Country Director for Bangladesh and Nepal.






Stefano BoeriStefano Boeri is an Italian Architect and Urban Planner. He is the official winner of Tirana’s urban plan competition. Boeri has served as cultural adviser for the Municipality of Milan during 2011-2013.







Peter ClavellePeter Clavelle is the Director of the Planning and Local Government Project, supported by USAID in Albania.







Ian JenningsIan Jennings serves as Senior Specialist of Urban Transport at the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development.







Rudina Toto

Rudina Toto is an expert and MSc in Urban and Environmental Management. She has a strong background in urban planning and environmental participation as well as the establishment of information systems for the territory.







Dr. Julia Goga-CookeDr. Julia Goga-Cooke is an academic, journalist, innovation architect and entrepreneur. Julia leads the Innovation Studio Gconsultancy Innovation, helping companies innovate and grow.







Lejla SadikuLejla Sadiku is an Open Data consultant at the UNDP Istanbul Regional Hub. Her main areas of expertise are Open data, Social innovation, Good governance and Anti-corruption.